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The objectives of the web app

The main objective of the project is to develop the creative thinking skills and competences of parents of school-age children through the delivery of face-to-face workshops, combined with digital microlearning.


The project will come up with the following tangible results:

1. Training Programme :  A Training programme called ´Creative Thinking for Parents´ for the development of creative thinking skills, specially targeted to parents of school age children. The training programme will be divided into short workshops, with a duration of two hours each, that will cover different thematics
2. Learning Motivation Environment : A Learning Motivation Environment accessible through digital devices. The contents will follow the microlearning methodology, where SMS / emails will be sent to parents notifying them about interventions / resources they can do or watch on the topic of creative thinking, along with practical exercises that they can do with the children.

3. Parents' Guide : A Parents' Guide on Creative Thinking will include information on the same topics addressed in the training programme and will be provided as a trainees´ handbook for the workshops. It will consist of: - basic theory / information on each topic - practical tips, questions - ideas for activities - link to the online supplementing materials and community of practice - information about the web app and how to use it.


Specifications of the Learning Motivation Environment

Registration: Learners can register to the LME by providing some personal information such as name, surname, password, email and country. They are also able to record their notification preferences. The platform will send emails to learners on a specific time basis (once per day, every 3 days, once per week) with some random proposed activities. 

Selecting activity:  Learners who want to take an activity can use filters to choose the category (Creating with words and images, Creating with digital media, Brainstorming, Problem-solving, Creativity techniques, Global challenges, Staying at home, Maintaining Creativity), the skills that that will be improved after taking this activity, (Creative thinking, Innovative thinking, Apply creative thinking in solving everyday problems, Analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats, Motivational skills, Communication skills) the form of the activity (text, video), its type (digital, hands-on) and its duration (Under 5 minutes, 5-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, more than 30 minutes). The users are be able to see all the activities available on the application, but the top-rated activities will appear first.


The innovation of Creative thinking lies in the creation of new training material and tools for creative activities specifically meant to empower parents. Another innovative element is the user's ability to filter and select among several activities. This allows learners to choose their own learning pathways, based on their personal needs. In this way, we will ensure that learners learn things that are really important to them and not provide them with generic knowledge.